Our brand is who we are as a university.

Externally, a strong brand will ensure that our identity resonates with our audiences and will build an emotional bond with them. Internally, it helps us stay true to who we are. 

To be effective, our brand must be truthful, foster loyalty and be integrated into all that we do. It should give us a clear sense of direction for all of our marketing and communications efforts.

U of S Logo

The U of S logo has been in existence for over 100 years. It has evolved considerably since our university was founded in 1907, but people have come to recognize it as a visual symbol of our strong heritage and reputation. This makes it a solid foundation on which to build the credibility of your college, unit, program or service.

Whether you're using a primary or secondary logo, please follow the usage guidelines carefully, use the approved files available on our downloads page and above all, use it proudly.