The University of Saskatchewan Visual Expression Guide is currently available as a downloadable PDF. Please contact us if you would like to receive a high-resolution print copy, or if you have any questions or require assistance.

Our brand and visual identity

At the University of Saskatchewan we have an ambitious goal—we want to be among the most distinguished universities in Canada and the world. To get there, we all have an important role to play.

As marketing and communications professionals, our responsibility in achieving this goal is creating a consistent and professional brand and ensuring all of our materials align both visually and verbally. Everything we produce represents the university to our audience, and each piece either enhances or diminishes our brand.

The U of S Visual Expression Guide clarifies and details the expectations related to our visual identity. Through the correct use of our visual elements, our marketing and communications materials will always genuinely reflect our position—this sincerity is a key ingredient in successful communications.

This guide is not meant to constrain our work but rather to give it purpose and focus. It will ease the process of producing communications and marketing materials, inspire creative use of the brand and encourage a strong, consistent approach to our visual identity.

By using such an approach, we will create a unified brand that will help us attract the best and brightest, from students, staff and faculty to partners, donors and supporters. However, our brand is only as strong as our collective commitment to make it great. We can stand apart from our competition if we stand together.

Who should read this

These guidelines are for anyone who has a hand in creating or using the U of S brand, including both internal staff and external suppliers. Managing and growing a brand is a big job, and we all have responsibility to make sure everything we’re doing is contributing to our brand in a positive way.


We don’t yet have all the answers, and the evolution of any brand continues over time. To keep it fresh and creative, we must continually reassess and look for solutions to challenges that come up. Please feel free to give us feedback and suggestions, or ask questions, by contacting us.