All University of Saskatchewan faculty, staff and students may use the options below to promote university-related events to the campus community.

Promotion Options

This online calendar is available at and feeds onto the main U of S homepage. This service is free and any events posted here can be seen by everyone. Non university-related entries and advertisements by off-campus organizations are not permitted. To add your event to this calendar, fill out the online form.

List your event for free in the Coming Events section of the print edition or an online PDF of the On Campus News newspaper, which is published every two weeks and available online at

To purchase an ad in the print edition, please visit, email or call 306-966-6610.

Submit research events to Research Communications at or call 966-2506. The Research Communications office will recommend options depending on the nature of the event. This may include distribution to various research-centric e-mail lists on campus, posting to the website, or help with preparing media releases and associated communications. The Research Communications office will also work with you to ensure your event complies with requirements from funding agencies, journals, and other partners.

The Sheaf is the official student newspaper of the University of Saskatchewan and is published every two weeks. To buy an ad, visit or call 306-966-8688.

Post your U of S-related event on the PAWS bulletin board. (Bulletins appear in the main feed of timely content in PAWS alongside announcements and news.) All PAWS users may post bulletins; simply click the pencil icon next to “All messages…” and select "Post a bulletin." All bulletins are subject to the approval of an administrator; please allow one business day for your bulletin to appear in PAWS.

PAWS announcements, either appearing in the main feed of timely content in PAWS or emailed to specific groups, are another promotion option; however, specific guidelines apply. To enquire, please email

Promotion options may be available through college, school or department websites, newsletters, plasma screens, bulletin boards, Twitter, Facebook or other options. Contact the relevant college office or communications person for more information.

A variety of options are available through the USSU including tables in The Tunnel as well as plasma screens and bulletin boards located in main traffic areas and some colleges and buildings. Guidelines will apply. For more information, contact or visit the USSU website.

If your event may be of interest to graduate students, contact the GSA executive by visiting the GSA website.

Create an event poster using one of the university’s available poster templates. Posters for any university or college/school or unit-related event must use the proper U of S logo and follow the U of S approved visual identity standards.

Guidelines apply in certain buildings for hanging posters. In Place Riel, visit the Information Desk, and in other buildings visit the main college or department office to inquire about having your poster stamped for approval and for information on where it can be hung.

Computer lab screensavers are an option for promotion, however guidelines will apply. To inquire, call Bruce Coates at 306-966-2375.

Want to invite the public or off-campus groups to your event?

Q. What makes a successful event?

A. A good starting point is to ensure there is a clear purpose for the event. What are you trying to achieve? What is the goal? Is an event the best way to achieve that purpose? Would another method work better? What would a successful event look like? Answers to these questions will help you stay focused on the overall goal, guide your event planning and promotion, and help you measure success afterward.

Q. How do I get people to attend my event?

A. First consider your audience. Who do you want to attend the event? Why would they be interested in attending? How will they benefit? How many people can you accommodate in the venue? Where do these audiences get their information? Answers to these questions will help you target your promotion through the best mix of channels that are likely to be seen by your intended audience. It will also help you form key messages that you can include at the event and during promotion.

Q. Should I invite media to attend my event?

A. Before you invite media, first ask what is the news? Why would media be interested in this event? Why would their readers/viewers be interested? Is your event at a convenient time for media to cover it in time for morning, noon, or evening news or other media channels? Answers to these questions will help you determine if media should be invited. If they should, there are specific procedures to follow to invite media to attend university-related events. Please contact University Communications to speak to the media relations co-ordinator. For research-related events, please contact Research Communications by email or 966-2506.