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The terminology related to technology changes almost as quickly as the technology itself. Current practice in spelling and capitalization include:

  • Adobe Acrobat, JavaScript
  • cyberspace
  • desktop
  • email (no hyphen)
  • high-tech
  • home page
  • index
  • internet, the net
  • online
  • web browser
  • web page
  • webcam
  • website
  • the web

10.1 Email and web addresses

Email addresses should include the ‘at' symbol, but no capital letters.


Web addresses that appear in print should not include the prefix "http://". Ensure the URL is properly punctuated.


Heads up Do not underline either email or web addresses. In web documents, underlining indicates a hot link.

Try to avoid the situation where a URL breaks at the end of one sentence and continues on another. If it is unavoidable, create the break at a slash within the address.



Heads up  A "heads-up" icon alerts you to common style issues.

Check This  Watch for "Check this out" icons to point you to more information.

Rule of Thumb  We've put together a few handy and easy-to-remember tips.

PC Mac  Some punctuation characters mentioned in the style guide (such as the en-dash) are in the extended character set. This means these characters cannot be found on your keyboard, but you can type in key codes to retrieve them. We have included the common keystrokes for both Mac and PC.