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9.1 Alumna or alumnus or alumni

  • alumni
    • is a group of people who have graduated from university
  • alumnus
    • is an individual male graduate
  • alumna
    • is an individual female graduate
  • alumnae
    • is a group of female graduates

9.2 Emeritus/emerita

The honorifics emeritus (male) and emerita (female) denote faculty and university officials who have retired but retain their rank or title.

9.3 Go Dogs!

  • University of Saskatchewan Huskies
  • Huskie Athletics
  • the Huskies but Huskie football

9.4 Convocation

Convocate is not a verb. Students graduate from the university at a ceremony called convocation.

  • A graduand is one about to receive a university degree.
  • A graduate is one who has received a university degree